The Love Of Cephalos And Procris in Greek Mythology

Do you know how Kefalonia got its name? As you surely know, the ancient Greeks believed in several gods, heroes, and mythological beings and tried to explain the origin of the world and all events in a special way. Like everything in Greece, Kefalonia has its myths. According to legend, Kefalonia was named after Kephalos, a famous hunter. He took his faithful dog Lelap everywhere. He was happily married to Prokrida, but the goddess of the dawn, Eos, and the goddess of the hunt, Artemis, interfered in their love. By an unfortunate accident, Procrida was killed by his spear. After that, he participated in many wars on the side of King Amphitrio, who ruled part of the current Peloponnese, and as a reward for his bravery, the king gave him an island called Kefalonia. He had 4 sons and gave each of them a part of the island. Those areas are still called by their names today. If you want to know more details about this myth, look for a book in our library.

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