Terms & Conditions of Reservation

Privacy policy and booking conditions

The site address is: https://rouchotasapartments.com. All personal information collected on this site is strictly confidential and will not be used for any other purpose nor will we make it available to third parties.


On this site it is possible to book accommodation by inquiring from the reservation form located on each type of accommodation offered. When you select all the fields, you will have an accurate calculation according to the seasons and the total amount to be paid.

The reservation will be made by checking the availability of the accommodation for which you have sent an inquiry. Our reply will arrive to the email you provided in the same form as to whether the date you selected and the type of accommodation unit are available or not. If the selected accommodation unit is available, you will receive a link to pay for the reservation with a payment card through our website. If the desired accommodation unit is occupied, you will receive a notification of available capacity with a note.

The answer to your inquiry will be sent as soon as possible in the period from 08h-22h. From sending our answer, you have 12 hours to pay for the reservation with a payment card via the received payment link. Until the expiration of those 12 hours, the accommodation will be temporarily reserved, and then the reservation will be automatically deleted if no payment is made. Payment of the reservation is 30% of the total amount. You will be clearly shown the “reservation field” after the requested typed data.


The guest can cancel free of charge until 60 days before arrival. The guest will be charged 50% of the total price if they cancel 30 days before arrival. After that period, cancellation is non-refandable,

No-show Policy

If the guest doesn’t show up, they will be charged the total price of the reservation. Cancellations are made by e-mail or by calling the number given in the contacts.


This Privacy Policy regulates the practice of collecting information from users when using the website www.rouchotasapartments.com, as well as their storage in the databases of our accommodation. Our Privacy Policy includes the reasons how and why we collect, use and protect your personal data. We reserve the discretion that we may change this Privacy Policy at any time and that such amended text becomes effective immediately upon its publication on the Website. Continuation of your use of the Website after the changes, implies that you accept all the terms of the amended Privacy Policy. Therefore, we advise users to periodically re-read in detail the information contained in the Privacy Policy, in order to be informed about possible changes.

Method of data collection and use

During your visit to the site, we may collect your personal information that is necessary to set up your account, for the purpose of payment or delivery of your goods. We use your personal data exclusively and only to enable us to provide you with the products and services you want to meet your requirements or to adapt our offer to you, to personalize it, to improve the work of the Website, ensure the verification of administrative tasks, establish contact with you, improve our advertising and promotional results and improve our offer of products or services on the market, as well as for cooperation with law enforcement agencies. We do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes without first giving you the option to opt out of this option. However, we may disclose your information to our business units and partners, which are part of this Privacy Policy. We will never and under no circumstances misuse your personal information. In the following items, we will explain the ways and reasons for the possible provision of your information, for the needs of the normal operation of the Website.

Data warehousing and storage

Private accommodation Rouchotas Apartments on the Website makes every effort to protect your privacy when you are “online” as a user. Your personal information is kept secure and confidential, and processed in a lawful manner in accordance with this privacy policy. We take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect against unauthorized and illegal access to and processing of your personal data, including the encryption of your information. We will retain your information for as long as necessary to process your account, your payment, refund, respond to your complaint or provide you with the promotional information you have applied for.


A cookie is information stored on your computer by the website you visit. Cookies usually store your settings, settings for a website, such as your preferred language or address. Later, when you open the same website again, the internet browser sends back cookies that belong to that page. This allows the site to recognize you and display information tailored to your needs. If you do not want our website to have access to your cookies, you can block them. Most web browsers allow you to block cookies. You can do this through the Settings of your web browser.

The moment of acceptance of the reservation

After ordering, you will be notified of the status of your reservation via the email you provided during the booking process. The order was accepted by Rouchotas Apartments only after we send you a confirmation of acceptance by email.

Payment policy

Methods of payment Payment for products on our online store can be made in one of the following ways: payment cards: VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Diners, that support payment over the Internet. Payment by card is realized in cooperation with ALPHA BANK Greece and is done in a secure and certified way through Nexi e-Commerce of Nexi Payments Greece S.A., by simply entering data from the payment card. After entering the card information and confirming the payment, the bank authorizes the transaction and thus the order is approved and enters the further process of preparation for delivery. The amount will be reserved on your card (account) and will not be available for other purposes. The transaction will be completed and the amount deducted from your account only when the reservation is confirmed. In the event that payment is not completed, or the amount is not deducted from the account within 14 days of accepting your order, that order will be canceled and deleted. After the expiration of the 14-day period, the money reserved on your account will be released and will be available to you again. After that, you can repeat the same or a new order, and make a payment related to them. Check with the bank that issued your card to see if your card supports online payments.

Data protection

When you paying by cards and entering payment card data, confidential information is transmitted via the public network in a protected (encrypted) form using SSL protocols, using the latest methods of tokenization of sensitive data, and in accordance with PCI-DSS standards. At no time is payment card information available to the merchant. 3D Secure protection for all merchants and customers – Nexi e-Commerce, uses the highest global standards of data protection and privacy. Customer payment card numbers are not stored on the merchant’s system and the registration itself is protected by SSL data encryption. PCI Standards protect sensitive cardholder data throughout the payment process: from the moment of entering data at the merchant’s point of sale, during communications between the merchant and relevant banks and card organizations, and the subsequent storage of such data.

Registration of payment methods

When the customer’s card data is tokinaized at his request or by the merchant’s decision (stored in a certified manner for later use), this data is stored on the certified servers. Thus tokenized card data is transmitted in a completely secure and certified manner. At no time does the merchant have access to card number data and other sensitive data, but he receives a reference number (token) which only he can use in accordance with the conditions agreed with the customer. The customer has the option of deregistering a previously registered card, as well as changing the details of a previously tokenized card.


In the case of a refund to a customer who has previously paid for one of the payment cards, in part or in full, regardless of the reason for the refund, this refund is made exclusively through the same VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Diners, card used for payment. This means that our bank will, at our request, refund the card to the cardholders account. The right to withdraw from the contract, the rights and obligations of the buyer and the seller The law in the case of distance selling establishes the right of the buyer, who is considered a consumer within 3 days from the day his booking was confirmed. When withdrawing, the buyer can, but does not have to, state the reasons for withdrawing. The form / Declaration of withdrawal from the contract has legal effect from the day it is sent to the trader. In case of withdrawal from the contract, the consumer is entitled to a refund of 70% of the money.

All payments made using the card are processed through the electronic payment platform of “Nexi e-Commerce” of Nexi Payments Greece S.A. and uses TLS 1.2 encryption protocol encryption with 128-bit (Secure Sockets Layer – SSL). Encryption is a way of coding the information until it reaches its recipient, who will be able to decode it using the appropriate key.

Όλες οι πληρωμές που πραγματοποιούνται με χρήση κάρτας διεκπεραιώνονται μέσω της πλατφόρμας ηλεκτρονικών πληρωμών της «Nexi e-Commerce» της Nexi Payments Greece S.A. και χρησιμοποιεί κρυπτογράφηση πρωτοκόλλου κρυπτογράφησης TLS 1.2 με 128-bit (Secure Sockets Layer – SSL). Η κρυπτογράφηση είναι ένας τρόπος κωδικοποίησης της πληροφορίας μέχρι να φτάσει στον παραλήπτη της, ο οποίος θα μπορεί να τις αποκωδικοποιήσει χρησιμοποιώντας το κατάλληλο κλειδί.

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