10 Most Beautiful Attractions In The Kefalonia

With the stunning beaches of Myrtos, Antisamos, Fteri, and Petani and with unique landscapes, Kefalonia attracts and enchants thousands of visitors from all over the world throughout the year. Green hills sloping down to the beaches, white sparkling pebbles, red sand, mysterious caves, as well as exciting activities, festivals, and a lively atmosphere, create an exotic vacation paradise in the heart of the Ionian Sea.

Argostoli is the main and largest city on the island. From romantic coastal walks to diverse nightlife, Argostoli is a great choice for tourists of all generations. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to visit picturesque Fiskardo, as well as Assos, Sami, Katelios, and Skala. Enjoy the magical landscape, unique architecture, and festivals, stroll through the harbors, and be sure to try local products and traditional homemade specialties.

Due to the exciting, attractive natural phenomena and 50 geological sites, Kefalonia has been declared a UNESCO GLOBAL PARK 2022. One of the most interesting attractions is the Kathavotres sinkhole, in Argostoli. At this point, the seawater sinks and continues its journey underground, collecting groundwater and rainwater, and emerges on the other side of the island, creating Lake Melissani. After a 15km journey, the semi-saline water springs up and forms the lake-cave Melissani. Jump into one of the small boats that tour the cave and immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of this gift of nature. The turquoise blue color of the water, stalactites, and trees illuminated by the light that sneaks into the cave from the opening above it around noon, is an experience you will remember forever!

At the end of the road, the water flows into the Karavomilos Lake, and from there, it goes into the sea. The lake is located right next to the seashore and has ducks, geese, swans, lots of fish, a beautiful church, and lush vegetation in the background, all of which create a magical atmosphere. From the lake and the mill, there is a very beautiful path by the sea, surrounded by huge eucalyptus trees, which leads you to the village and port of Sami with a view of the island of Ithaca.

On the edge of the village of Skala are the remains of a Roman villa. According to evidence, this villa was built in the 3rd century AD and belonged to a wealthy Roman. There are interesting mosaics on the floor. One of these mosaics shows an altar with a sacrificed bull, as a man prepares to kill it.

The Assos peninsula is a unique scene: beautiful architecture of pastel-colored houses overlooking the turquoise Ionian Sea. The main historical attraction is Assos Castle. It was built by the Venetians between the 13th and 18th centuries, who ruled the islands of Eptanis. During the period of occupation, they strongly influenced the islanders in the cultural, economic, and social aspects of their lives.

The main reason for vacationing in Kefalonia is, without a doubt, its wonderful beaches. Of course, some beaches always look good in pictures, but the most photographed ones look even better in reality! From Myrtos, an idyllic beach with high cliffs, to Antisamos beach, each will take your breath away! Only 3 km from the capital Argostoli is Lassi, a small tourist town with large beaches Makris Gialos and Platis Gialos, and equally beautiful, smaller beaches such as Gradakia, Kalamia, Paliostafida.

Natural attractions, as well as numerous activities in nature, increasingly attract lovers of active vacations. The coast from the entrance to Argostoli Bay to the town of Lourdata, including the beaches in the extreme southeast of the island, all coastal and marine plants and animals that live in that area, are under protection.

The far southeastern coast of Kefalonia from Skala to Poros is an area of great ecological importance, officially declared as the nesting ground of Caretta Caretta turtles. Mounda and Kaminia beaches are sandy beaches with a gentle slope – the turtles do not expend too much energy before laying their eggs. The water is very shallow, which means it is easier for the turtle to scan the beach horizon, making sure it is safe from predators before exiting the sea.

A strong earthquake about 300 years ago revealed the entrance to the Drogarati Cave, which is estimated to be more than 150 million years old. Orange and yellow stalactites hang from the roof like curtains, while stalagmites emerge to form spacious, acoustic chambers. The cave is located 120 m below sea level, with a depth of 95 m and a standard temperature of 18 degrees Celsius.

Saint Gerasimos is a miracle-working saint and is the patron saint of Kefalonia. His relics remained intact almost 500 years after his ascension. This saint is commemorated on August 16 and October 20, when a large number of pilgrims visit the Saint Gerasios monastery. His most characteristic saying written on many icons is: “Children, live in peace and do not be arrogant.”

Mount Ainos is a National Park and the natural reserve Koutavos Lagoon provides a refuge for many species of birds. The rich flora and fauna and protected species such as the Caretta Caretta turtle, the Mediterranean seal Monachus Monachus, and dolphins are increasingly becoming the hallmark of the island. Due to the untouched nature and numerous activities in nature, Kefalonia increasingly attracts lovers of active vacations throughout the year.

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