Kefalonia, Gastronomy, and Traditional Cuisine


In addition to tourism, the local population is also engaged in agriculture. Thanks to fertile soil and the Mediterranean sun, Cephalonia is a producer of extremely high-quality olive oil, feta cheese, wines, and premium-quality honey. Thanks to the sea, the island is the largest producer and exporter of fish from Greece. Cephalonia has a variety of garlic, peas, lentils, and strawberries. The main diet of the islanders is based on asparagus, small “moropoula” zucchini, green beans, Swiss chard, and various types of leafy green vegetables. Most produced spices are rosemary, thyme, and marjoram. Don’t miss the opportunity to search the market for wild oregano, an indispensable ingredient in Greek salad in this region. Approximately 1,200 families breed sheep and goats, which produce up to 45 tons of milk per day. This milk is used to produce feta cheese, mizithra, manouri (soft and semi-soft fresh cheeses), kefalotiri, graviera (hard cheeses), and prentza (a mixture of cheeses with thyme and oil). However, the “king” of cheeses is undoubtedly feta, produced annually in the amount of about 4,000 tons. Four liters of milk are needed for each kilogram of this cheese. Be sure to look for these cheeses in one of the local shops, and try them with wonderful local wines.

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