The Most Popular Beaches Of Kefalonia

Kefalonia has some of the most beautiful places in Greece. The most mesmerizing is Myrtos Beach which is on the top list of the most beautiful beaches in the world every year. Long or wide sandy beaches, with red, brown, or gray sand; small pebbly secret coves; magnificent bays with high cliffs and white pebbles; organized beaches with sports and catering, remote and quiet, with about 250 km of Kefalonia coast, you will be able to find a beach to your liking. The beaches of Kefalonia are an exotic paradise on the Ionian Sea!

The Precious And Protected Nature Of The Skala Beach

The town and beach of the same name, Skala, are located on the southeastern coast of the island of Kefalonia, near the town of Poros. A wide beach, 3 kilometers long with impressive gray-brown pebbles mixed with fine and golden sand. The crystal clear sea and the well-maintained coast result in the beach being awarded the Blue Flag.  This guarantees you a relaxing day on a clean coast with a beautiful landscape! Next to the coast, there is a large number of restaurants and cafés; there is also a volleyball court and water sports. The sea hides rich marine fauna, so bring your diving masks and enjoy!

The Fantastic Scenery Of Landscape, Antisamos Beach

Awarded with the Blue Flag, suitable for families with children, mostly gravel, well organized, with water sports and beautiful nature, it belongs to the Top 10 Kefalonia category. 

Antisamos is one of the beaches that fascinates its visitors. On the way to the bay, the view is breathtaking with a combination of the turquoise-blue color of the sea, the bright white pebbles, and the green colors of the lush vegetation of the surrounding hills. The water is clear, full of fish, and ideal for snorkeling enthusiasts. It is located 31.6 km east of Argostoli and Rouchotas Apartments, and a few kilometers from the port of Sami. It is easily reached from the coastal road in Sami. Mojito Beach Bar and Restaurant as well as water sports will satisfy your demands for both food and adventure. Antisamos gained world fame thanks to the Hollywood movie “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”, where some of the scenes were filmed.

A Breathtaking, Famous Myrtos Beach

Myrtos beach is located 29.3 km from Rouchotas Apartments. The natural beauty of Myrtos Beach is Kefalonia’s trademark and one of the most photographed places in Greece. The beach has been awarded with the Blue Flag many times. The name of the island of Kefalonia has become synonymous with that Myrtos beach. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and certainly one of the main attractions of Kefalonia, and one of the most beautiful and picturesque beaches in Greece. This beach is so popular, there’s practically no chance you haven’t seen pictures of Myrtos on some tourist site or social media: a stunning view from above of turquoise blue water, white pebbles along with green bushes and trees on high cliffs. This west coast of the island with Myrtos Bay offers a spectacular view of the sunset. Myrtos Beach is the bearer of Kefalonia’s untouched nature.

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