Kefalonia As an Enormous Geological Park

Kefalonia is rich in different geological formations that are scattered all over the island. But it is the cave reliefs, paleontological sites, the coastline, caves, and swamps that make the 250 million years old geological history of Cephalonia visible. Cephalonia is an active geological laboratory that is accessible to everyone for research, education, development, and geotourism. In the entire Cephalonia-Ithaca Geopark, geolocations are marked with metal plates offering explanations. There is also a digital exhibition at the Koutavos Environmental Information Center in Argostoli. For additional information, please visit the official website:

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Argostoli, the Capital City of Kefalonia

Argostoli is a cosmopolitan city and a favorite of visitors from all over the world. The central gathering place is Vallianou Square, named after the Cephalonian and national benefactor Panagis Vallianos. It is the perfect place to enjoy coffee, ice cream, refreshing drinks, and local food. In the evening, it becomes a meeting place for local residents and tourists. It is also full of children, who can play in a completely safe environment because the square is intended only for pedestrians

In the evenings, various cultural events and music concerts are organized on the square throughout the summer. An important part of local musical culture are Cephalonian cantadas, traditional songs accompanied by guitars and mandolins. Museums, the Lithostroto shopping street, coffee shops, restaurants, and the Napier Garden are located in the immediate vicinity of the square.
For film lovers, the outdoor movie theater Cine Anny, ideal for enjoying movies under the starry sky, is also close to the square.

If you visit Cephalonia, you will certainly find yourself walking down Lithostroto Street. Starting from Cabana Square, Lithostroto soon reaches Vallianou Square. The street is full of souvenir shops and cafes that can satisfy anyone’s taste. The center of Kefalonia is right here: all major holidays and religious events are celebrated precisely in Lithostroto Street.

Be sure to visit Saint Spyridon, an Orthodox church known for its gilded wooden iconostasis. Nearby is also the Catholic Church of Saint Nicholas, which is architecturally completely different.

There are countless sandy beaches near the town of Argostoli. The most famous among them is certainly the Costa Costa Beach, located a few kilometers from the city center. The water sports center of Kefalonia is located on Makris Gialos Beach in Lassi, where you can have fun riding inflatables, skiing or windsurfing. Near Argostoli, you can take one or several days long kayaking trips to explore the warm and exotic waters of the Ionian Sea.

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Museums and Historical Monuments in Argostoli

While in Argostoli, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Archaeological Museum of Cephalonia, which houses interesting archaeological finds from the Mycenaean, Hellenistic, and Roman periods. Its rich collection includes coins, swords, sculptures, and ceramics.

Another museum worth visiting is the Historical and Cultural Museum of Corgialenio, on the ground floor of the homonymous library located in a restored 19th-century building. The museum displays exhibits from private collections depicting the history and folklore of the island from the 16th century to 1953. However, many elements of the Cephalonian culture were destroyed by a devastating earthquake. In the museum, you can see household dishes, porcelain, silverware, embroidery, and various everyday items – watercolors, lithographs, maps, and photographic records consisting of 3,000 photos that were taken before the earthquake. The wonderful collection of clothes from different periods is also a must-see.

The Korgialenios Library is located in the building of the museum bearing the same name and is a legacy of Marinos Korgialenios from 1924. The current building looks the same as it did before the earthquake. The library has about 60,000 volumes and is one of the largest in Greece. Approximately half of the books, written in Greek as well as in foreign languages, are from the 19th century or even earlier. The oldest publication is the Souda Dictionary, edition from 1499, and there are also manuscripts of Byzantine music and archives of Kefalonian writers Babi Aninnou and Mikeli Avlichou. The oldest manuscript, Katren, is from the 12th century. The main room of the library, where the books are stored, also functions as a reading room equipped with computers. It serves as a venue for lectures and book presentations.

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Excursions and Tours in Argostoli

Although a rented car undoubtedly has its advantages, Argostoli also offers a bicycle rental service. Rent a bike (there are also children’s models) and tour the region to enjoy its natural beauty up close. You can explore the lagoon more fully by renting a pedal boat or a water cycle.

From the port, you can take a ferry to Lixouri, the second largest city located on the opposite side of the island, on the Paliki peninsula. You can also take a trip on one of the boats that depart from the city port. There are a variety of day trips on offer, including naturist cruises, intimate day trips, and sunset cruises. Local food and refreshments are served on the ships, and the atmosphere is exceptional! Recent years saw the development of the so-called “fishing tourism”, where guests are invited to join fishing expeditions. Guests are served lunch from the catch and can swim on isolated beaches. Enjoyment for all the senses is guaranteed! This trip is ideal fun for the whole family. For more information visit:

At the very entrance to the city lies the Koutavos lagoon, a protected nature park. What used to be a swamp is now a bird sanctuary and feeding ground for Caretta Caretta turtles, which are increasingly becoming a symbol of the city. The lagoon is host to many species of waterfowl and migrant birds, as well as exceptional species of fish. There is also a small “island”, which serves as a refuge for birds in the lagoon. Some of its most important inhabitants are the Caretta Caretta turtles. If you want to explore the lagoon more fully, you can rent a pedal boat or a water cycle from Argostoli Lagoon Activities.

Argostoli Bay and its lagoon are separated from the rest of the island by the beautiful De Bosset (Drapano) stone bridge. It is the longest above-sea stone bridge in the world (680 m) and was built in 1813 by Colonel Charles Philip de Bosset (a Swiss engineer in the British army), at the time when General Sir Charles James Napier was the governor of Cephalonia. Walk along it to admire its architecture, views of the surrounding area, and the stone Obelisk, erected by the British to commemorate their stay on the island. The bridge is an exceptional place for walking and taking photos, both during the day and in the evening.

Katavothres is the mystery of Argostoli. Namely, the Katavothres sinkhole is a geological phenomenon, so rare that you can’t see it anywhere else in the world. Seawater sinks below sea level and, collecting rainwater and groundwater along the way, springs up on the opposite side of the island, creating Lake Melissani.

If you continue along the same path, you will see the Saint Theodore lighthouse, named after the nearby church. Today, the entire region is known as “Fanari”. Designed by J.P. Kennedy as a circular building with Doric columns, it was built in 1829. when the island was ruled by the British. It is an ideal place for watching the sunset and taking photos. A circular path that passes through the pine forest will take you further to Lassi, where you can visit the chapel and the cave of Saint Gerasimos, the island’s patron saint.

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Summer and Winter Holidays in Argostoli

In Kefalonia, the season lasts from April until November. The capital Argostoli is increasingly becoming a favorite destination for tourists from all over the world, as confirmed by the fact that this Mediterranean city has had a record number of visitors year after year. There are many reasons to visit Argostoli and spend time there!

Life in the capital of Cephalonia follows an unusual rhythm, combining the seemingly incompatible – the urban spirit of modern cities and the traditionalism of Mediterranean villages. This is one of the reasons for its popularity. Argostoli is attractive to a younger population looking for nightlife and fun on the water. However, due to the diverse offer and natural beauty that enchants all visitors, it is equally interesting for families and older visitors.

If you choose to spend the summer exploring this part of the Greek coast, our apartments in Argostoli are at your disposal. They are located in an exceptional venue, just a few minutes from the city center, and have a beautiful view of the bay. They are equipped with modern and functional furniture, as well as all the little things you might need while on vacation. Children and babies are more than welcome, as are your pets.
Argostoli is a destination for the entire family! And yes, we mean ALL its members.

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Kao i veliki deo Grčke, Kefalonija je ima burnu i bogatu istoriju. Uticaji različitih okupacionih moći su sveprisutni i mogu se osetiti čak i danas. Muzej folklora i kulturne istorije Korgialenios nudi jedinstven uvid u svakodnevni život Kefalonaca od oko 1500. godine (okupacija Mletačke Republike) do razornog zemljotresa 1953. godine. Takođe vam preporučujemo da posetite Muzej telekomunikacija i muzej Istorije maslinovog ulja.

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Doživite jedan ribarov dan

Budući da je porodica ribara već četiri generacije, kapetan Dionis svojim gostima nudi jedinstveno iskustvo. Zajedno sa njim sakupljaćete mrežu sa ribom i plodovima mora, bačenu prethodne noći. Imaćete priliku da se kupate na plažama Fteri i Aminidi, istražite pećine Kamari i Agirides i uživate u blistavim vodama Plave lagune. Na kraju obilaska uživaćete u ukusnom obroku pripremljenom od ulova, sa salatom od  biološkog povrća pripremljenim sa domaćim maslinovim uljem. Uz domaće  vino ovaj izlet je zaista poseban doživljaj.

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