Relax in the beautiful nature of the National park Mount Ainos

Look for wild horses on Mount Ainos. It sounds unlikely but it is true! The Aenos mountain range is the highest mountain of the Ionian Islands. Its highest peak is Megas Soros (1627 m.). There are organized hiking tours to visit the mountain, but you can also visit it yourself. The paths are marked with signs. This national park covers an area of about 3000 ha and about 2/3 of this area is covered with the endemic Abies Cephalonica fir. On the southeastern side of the mountain, semi-wild horses of the Equus caballus species can often be seen. The governing body of the Ainos Mountain National Park is responsible for the protection and preservation of the National Park. The offices are located in the Koutavos Environmental Center in Argostoli.

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