Discover the Magic of Kefalonia: Your Ultimate Greek Island Getaway

Do you know that Kefalonia is ranked fourth in the TOP 5 most beautiful places to live in Europe?

If you are still thinking about where to take a break from everyday life, maybe this very fact will convince you that a summer vacation in Kefalonia will be a magical vacation… so much so that you will want to stay there.

Why Kefalonia and why is it magical?

If you ask the famous poet Lord Byron, who spent part of his life on this picturesque island, he says in his verses “I became such a poet thanks to the Greek air”. It has such an inspiring effect on people.

In addition to Lord Byron’s recommendation, we will list a few more reasons why a vacation on Kefalonia is one of those that will remain etched in your memory for all time:

Pure nature, Mediterranean climate and healthy food;

Some of the officially most beautiful beaches in the world;

Natural atractions and breathtaking sights;

Numerous activities for lovers of active vacations;

Unspoiled nature, hospitality, and food, Kefalonia will win your hearts at first sight

Kefalonia has a large number of sunny days per year. The season lasts from April to November. If you don’t like crowds and holidays in the height of the season, early or late season are more than suitable for your vacation in Kefalonia.

At every step you will feel the smell of Mediterranean herbs. There is a lot of it and it gives the island a specific charm.

The sea is crystal clear and blue. It is intertwined with beautiful, wild landscapes. When you look at them, you realize that these are those amazing landscapes that you only see on the background of your computer. That’s how magical Kefalonia is.

The hosts are extremely kind to foreigners and are happy to share their stories about the island with them, along with local wine, cheese, and olives. Throughout the year, numerous festivals are held where you can try healthy, Mediterranean food that the local population is proud of.

Enchanting places of Kefalonia: with their beauty, they make you remember this holiday forever


Argostoli city is the most famous and also the capital of Kefalonia. A wide, coastal street surrounded by palm trees and paved with an interesting mosaic, as well as numerous sights in the city itself, make it attractive for tourists.

Numerous cafes, restaurants, museums, libraries and monuments are only part of the content. A special attraction are the two tourist trains that circulate through the city during the season. The nightlife is attractive and makes Argostoli very popular among young people.

The small town of Lixouri is a quiet place located opposite Argostoli city and connected by boat lines, which run every half hour. The journey takes 20 minutes. The beautiful beach Xi is very close to this place, it offers many different facilities and is very suitable for families with children.

Sami, a beautiful small town in the east of Kefalonia is home to many natural attractions that will leave you speechless. Some of them are the Drogarati cave, as well as the underground lake Melisani.

Lassi is one of the most popular resorts on the island. It is located only 3 km from Argostoli. It offers a lot of amenities and activities for everyone. Platis Gialos and Makris Gialos beaches are the most famous symbols of this place.

Kefalonia has about 250 km of beaches, some of which are officially the most beautiful beaches in the world

To begin with, a fact that delights: as many as 16 beaches in Kefalonia have won the Blue Flag, an award given to beaches with the highest level of arrangement, equipment, and safety.

The most famous and most beautiful beach in Kefalonia is Myrtos. It is located in the northern part of the island, about 30 km from Argostoli.

It is surrounded by mountains, and the view from them to the beach and the sea is incredible. The turquoise sea, fine white pebbles, and blue horizon make it one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, according to official data.

Makris Gialos and Platis Gialos are some of the beaches with the highest level of organization, safety, and equipment. They are especially suitable for families with children because the sea is shallow near the coast. They are located near the town of Lassi, just a few kilometers from the capital, Argostoli.

Skala Beach is located in Skala on the southern part of the island. It is 4 km long, landscaped, with a large number of cafes and restaurants. The town of Skala itself is historic and contains sights such as the Roman House from the 3rd century AD.

Antisamos Beach, not far from the town of Sami in the east of Kefalonia, will enchant you with the emerald color of the sea. Across from it is the famous island of Ithaca, on the edges of the beach there is a lot of natural greenery, and the famous movie “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” was shot there.

Petani Beach is a beautiful destination just 35 km from Argostoli. The mostly pebbly beach, the emerald color of the sea, the smell of the open sea, and a wonderful sunset make it an ideal trip for the whole family.

Sights of Kefalonia: natural attractions that will take your breath away

It sounds like a cliché, but it’s true: Kefalonia is unique in many ways. Some of the most famous sights that make it so attractive are the Melisani underground lake and the Drogarati cave.

Melisani, an underground lake in a cave near Sami, appears as if from a fairy tale. At one end of the island, the sea flows into the land and comes out at the other end, forming this beautiful lake in a cave, filled with salt and fresh water.

Drogarati Cave is an incredible 150 million years old. It is located only 5 km from Sami. Prehistoric stalactites, hanging from the top of the cave, bear witness to its beauty and the charms of Kefalonia.

There is a souvenir shop right at the entrance to the cave. It also houses a concert hall where some of the most famous opera singers have performed.

Entrance fees to both caves are affordable, and the caves themselves are very well organized and safe.

Kefalonia: an island that offers a handful of activities for lovers of an active holiday and an adventurous spirit

Mount Ainos is a national park and is located at an altitude of 1628 m. It offers a wonderful view of the neighboring islands. Wild horses, which freely roam this mountain, testify to the untouched, wild beauty of Kefalonia.

Kefalonia is home to many endemic species that do not exist elsewhere. Endangered species such as the Abies Cephalonica tree, the Caretta Caretta turtle, as well as the sea bear Monachus Monachus, complete the image of this amazing island as a magical vacation spot.

Kefalonia contains 40 attractive, geological locations that are becoming more and more visited, which is why tourism is developing more and more in that direction.

If you plan to spend an active vacation, a vacation in Kefalonia has a lot to offer. For those who like to deviate from the classic tourist paths, there are numerous hiking trails as well as the possibility of a jeep safari through the hilly areas.

Love to fly, dive, or just spend time on the water? Do not worry. Paragliding, diving, and touring the island by kayak or boat make up the remaining part of the rich offer.

Kefalonia. An island of beautiful places, world-famous beaches, historical buildings, and natural attractions. An island that conquers nature, clean sea, and food.

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