Kefalonia and Museums in Argostoli and Sami

Apart from the museum in Argostoli, we recommend that you also visit the Nautical Museum in Sami, the oldest port on Cephalonia, mentioned in Homer’s “Odyssey”. Wanting to preserve the maritime tradition and the memories of the countless
Kefalonians who lost their lives in the deep sea waters, Sotiris Marketos created a museum. Born and raised in Sami, the son of a sailor, he was fascinated by ships from an early age. He devoted his life and incredible talent to building ships that are now on display in the museum. In the museum, you can see all kinds of vessels of traditional Greek shipbuilding, as well as many other items. The exhibits are made of different types of wood 1.20 to 4 meters long, in accordance with shipbuilding specifications and paying attention to the smallest details of each individual type. The exhibition takes visitors on a 3,500-year-long journey with twenty-four wooden vessels. For more information, go to:

Be sure to visit the Sami Archaeological Collection. The exhibition is set up in five rooms, displaying objects from the Early Bronze to the Early Byzantine period. The element of Water and its role in the history of the city is presented in a special way, and the objects show different activities from the lives of people from the area. A special room is dedicated to beautiful Roman mosaics. These were found during various excavations in Sami and come from private and public spaces. They show the techniques and motifs that characterize mosaic art of the Roman and late Roman Sami and depict life in the age of ancient Rome.

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