Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia

Rouchotas Studios is located in Argostoli.
Argostoli is the largest city on the island, the shopping and administrative center of Cephalonia. The largest port on the island is located right here and it is the busiest place. The area around Main Square and Sitemporon Street is the heart of the city, home to numerous boutiques, cafes and restaurants. The street off the coast bears the name of the Minister and Mayor of Athens, Antonis Tritsis. The promenade is paved with gravel creating interesting shapes. You can enjoy this walk at any time of the day. In the morning, you can buy fresh fish and take pictures of Caretta Caretta’s turtles and in the evening you can enjoy the moonlight and yachts coming from all over the world. The city has a rich library and museum of Korgialenios. The Parliament building, the Archaeological Museum, the court, the Municipal Theater and many other buildings were built in neoclassical style. Nightlife satisfies all tastes. Holidays in Argostoli will be an unforgettable experience.

The region near the Koutavos Lagoon began to settle around 1600. Formerly a wetland and today is a bird reserve. Swans, geese and ducks are protected species here. Argostoli became the capital in 1757. Since 1810, Cephalonia has had its Governor of England. The most famous was De Bosset who built the stone bridge in Argostoli. The old town of Argostoli was once picturesque because it contained many large structures built under the influence of Italian architecture. Argostoli was the second city in Greece to receive electricity. One of the mysteries of the city is the Katavotres sinkhole, a rare geological phenomenon. Sea water sinks here, and collecting rainwater and groundwater springs on the opposite side of the island making Lake Melisani. On the coast along the coast from Argostoli to Lasi, you can see the lighthouse of St. Theodore. It was named after a nearby church. Today, this whole region is known as the “Fanari” or Lighthouse. The original lighthouse was built in 1829 when the British ruled the island. J.P. Kennedy constructed it as a circular structure with Doric columns. The city was almost completely destroyed after the 1953 earthquake and has been continuously developing ever since.

In Kutavos Lagoon you can rent a pedolino and take a ride. You can also see and photograph here Caretta Caretta turtles. Feeding the turtle is forbidden.

Near the town of Argostoli is Lassi where the largest and most beautiful sandy beaches of this part of the island are located: Platis Gialos, Makris Gialos and Costa Costa beach.