The untouched Vatsa and Vrahinari beaches

This beaches are perfect choice for a families! Excellent restaurant! A truly relaxing, hippie atmosphere in untouched nature. Vatsa is the sister beach of Vrahinari beach. They are separated only by a rock formation and on a calm day it is easy to walk from one to the other. Vatsa beach is located 9 km from Liksuri and 5 km from Xi beach. It is a small, untouched by tourism, sandy cove with a shallow sea and a river that flows into the sea. Great entertainment for children and pets.

Mural of Momo Kapor at Vatsa Bay
Small river which merges into the sea at Vatsa Bay
Pet Wellcom Vatsa Bay in Kefalonia
Vatsa Beach Kefalonia
Untouched Vatsa Beach Kefalonia
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