In memory of the Italian Acqui division

Since 2001, the Italian-Greek association “Mediterraneo” has set up a permanent exhibition dedicated to the Acqui Division. The Division Massacre also known as the Cephalonia Massacre, was the mass execution of soldiers of the Italian 33rd Acqui Infantry Division by German soldiers on the island in September 1943, following the Italian armistice during World War II. About 5,000 soldiers were executed, and another 3,000 drowned. The Museum in memory of Acqui Division is located on Lithostrito Street, next to the Catholic Church of Saint Nicholas. The museum exhibits photographs, documents, and objects that belonged to soldiers and officers of the division, personal files, official papers, unpublished photographs, and even personal correspondence of soldiers. Most of the war relics were found by the inhabitants of Kefalonia after the war, they were kept for years and then entrusted to the Association to be displayed to the public in the museum. This sad event inspired the French writer Louis de Bernières to write the book Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. Based on the book, a movie of the same name was made in 2001. You can find the book in our library. In addition to the museum, near Argostoli, there is also a monument to soldiers “Memorial Acqui Division”. The monument was erected by the Italian government in 1978, and until then it was not recognized as a crime. The place where the soldiers have shot is located near the Saint Theodore lighthouse and is marked with a memorial plaque.

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