Turtles and Protected Birds in Koutavos lagoon, Argostoli

The De Bosset Bridge divides the Koutavos Lagoon into two parts. Once upon a time, it was a swamp and now it is a protected park and a habitat where Caretta Caretta turtles live. In the lagoon, you can rent pedolinos or water bikes. Driving is very interesting. Apart from the turtles, the Koutavos Lagoon is home to countless different species of birds. They are also protected. By the way, Koutavos Lagoon is part of the Kefalonia-Ithaca Geopark and since 2016 it has been part of the “UNESCO Global Geopark”. It is an organization that deals with the preservation and protection of plants, animals, and their habitats that are of special importance to the culture and history of Kefalonia. Also in the Koutavos lagoon, you can see a small “island” that is a refuge for the birds that are in the lagoon as well as for the migratory birds that stop here to rest. If you want to see what the marsh really looks like, visit the Meadow Lagoon very close to the town of Argostoli. Beautiful White herons live here.

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