Get to Know the beautiful Kefalonia Island

The island of Kefalonia is a jewel whose beauty captures the hearts of all who visit it. It’s the largest island in the Ionian Sea, so it can satisfy the needs of any type of tourist – from the most active ones to those who dream of spending their vacation relaxed, staring into the endless blue of the sea and sky.

Cephalonia will make your stay in Greece memorable. It will fascinate you with its clear sea of beautiful colors, hidden bays, caves, fairy-tale villages, and breathtaking views. The sea and beaches in Cephalonia are undoubtedly beautiful.

But you can also experience some other pleasant surprises while vacationing there, such as nature walks in the National Park on Mount Ainos, or visits to protected geological phenomena (there are as many as 40).

Kefalonia hiking and the best trails

Cephalonia is a paradise for hikers. There are many hiking trails on the island, which means that those who want to explore it on foot will have plenty of choices. Outdoor Kefalonia Activities offers various organized guided tours. ‘Hiking to Fteri Beach’ and ‘Along the donkey tracks to Assos and ’Antisamos – Koutsoupia’ (along a […]

Alternative and Adventure Tourism in Kefalonia

If you get bored of swimming and lying on the beaches and want to try something more exciting, “Outdoor Kefalonia Activities” is the right choice for you. The offer includes unconventional, alternative, and extreme activities such as sea kayaking, jeep safari, mountain climbing, and cave exploring. They are unique and provide exciting and different ways […]

Beautiful and Unforgettable Trips in Kefalonia

The best way to get to know this beautiful island is to see and experience its untouched nature. Spend the day on hidden beaches, get to know the underwater world, fish with local fishermen, have lunch on board, or simply lie in the sun and enjoy breathtakingly beautiful beaches that can be reached only by […]

Explore Kefalonia’s churches and monasteries, a priceless spiritual treasure

The Monastery of St. Andrew was founded in 1579 when three local sisters-in-spirit (Benedict, Leontia, and Magdalina) bought the land where the Church of the Apostle Andrew once stood and founded a small nunnery. After taking the name Romilia, Greco-Romanian princess Roxana began her monastic life there in 1639. The rich princess dedicated a large […]

Wine routes on beautiful hills of Kefalonia

Robola is a local grape variety used to produce most of the island’s quality white wines. Robola had been mentioned in historical texts as early as the 12th century and was most likely brought to the island by the Venetians. The largest plantations arelocated in areas between 500 and 800 meters above sea level, in […]

Kefalonia, Gastronomy, and Traditional Cuisine

In addition to tourism, the local population is also engaged in agriculture. Thanks to fertile soil and the Mediterranean sun, Cephalonia is a producer of extremely high-quality olive oil, feta cheese, wines, and premium-quality honey. Thanks to the sea, theisland is the largest producer and exporter of fish from Greece. Cephalonia has its own varieties […]

A visit to the Archaeological Sites

The Assos Castle is located on the northwest coast of the island, near Myrtos Beach which adorns the peninsula of the same name. The fortress in Assos is larger than the castle of Saint George near Argostoli and is one of the biggest in Greece. In 1584, the nobles of Kefalonia submitted a petition to […]

Kefalonia and Museums in Argostoli and Sami

Apart from the museum in Argostoli, we recommend that you also visit the Nautical Museum in Sami, the oldest port on Cephalonia, mentioned in Homer’s “Odyssey”. Wanting to preserve the maritime tradition and the memories of the countlessKefalonians who lost their lives in the deep sea waters, Sotiris Marketos created a museum. Born and raised […]


Explore the magical Drogarati cave

The Drogarati Cave is located 3 km from Sami, 120 m below sea level, and at a depth of 95 m. It has a regular temperature of 18º C. In this cave, nature has created a work of art, with thousands of years old stalagmites and stalactites standing all around, like sculptures.

The Fascinating Blue Light of Melisani Lake – Cave

One of the most visited geological sites is definitely the Melisani lake/cave. It is located in the village of Karavomylos, 2 km from the town of Sami, and was discovered in 1951. The natural opening of the cave is vertical and was created when a part of the wall dried out. Another entrance, this one […]

In memory of the Italian Acqui division

Since 2001, the Italian-Greek association “Mediterraneo” has set up a permanent exhibition dedicated to the Acqui Division. The Division Massacre also known as the Cephalonia Massacre, was the mass execution of soldiers of the Italian 33rd Acqui Infantry Division by German soldiers on the island in September 1943, following the Italian armistice during World War […]

Kefalonia As an Enormous Geological Park

Kefalonia is rich in different geological formations that are scattered all over the island. But it is the cave reliefs, paleontological sites, the coastline, caves, and swamps that make the 250 million years old geological history of Cephalonia visible. Cephalonia is an active geological laboratory that is accessible to everyone for research, education, development, and […]

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