Get to Know Argostoli, the capital city

Argostoli is a cosmopolitan city and a favorite of visitors from all over the world

Argostoli is the capital city, as well as the commercial, cultural, and tourist center of Cephalonia. Founded way back in 1757, this picturesque city stretches along the bay and is surrounded by beautiful nature, mountains, green forests, and a national park. It was conquered by the Romans, Turks, Venetians, and the British, becoming part of modern Greece in 1864. There is a rich cultural and historical heritage throughout the city and the region, with several museums, libraries, and monuments. Due to the island’s mild Mediterranean climate, untouched nature, and a multitude of sunny days, the season lasts from April to November.

Argostoli has many shops, supermarkets, banks, a hospital, taverns, bars, coffee shops, and restaurants on the seafront. Cultural and religious festivals, as well as various excursions on yachts and boats, are organized during the tourist season, and there are also two tourist trains that tour the city during that time. On Vallianou Square, throughout the summer you can enjoy cantadas – traditional songs performed by local music lovers.

Gardens, and Recreation in Argostoli

The only one in the Ionian Islands, the Botanical Garden was created to collect, protect and promote flora that is indigenous to the region. The Botanical Garden of Cephalonia organizes special ecological educational programs, while also offering its visitors an environment of peace and a beautiful place for recreation. During the summer, there are exhibitions […]

Argostoli, the Capital City of Kefalonia

Argostoli is a cosmopolitan city and a favorite of visitors from all over the world. The central gathering place is Vallianou Square, named after the Cephalonian and national benefactor Panagis Vallianos. It is the perfect place to enjoy coffee, ice cream, refreshing drinks, and local food. In the evening, it becomes a meeting place for […]

Museums and Historical Monuments in Argostoli

While in Argostoli, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Archaeological Museum of Cephalonia, which houses interesting archaeological finds from the Mycenaean, Hellenistic, and Roman periods. Its rich collection includes coins, swords, sculptures, and ceramics. Another museum worth visiting is the Historical and Cultural Museum of Corgialenio, on the ground floor of the homonymous library […]

Excursions and Tours in Argostoli

Although a rented car undoubtedly has its advantages, Argostoli also offers a bicycle rental service. Rent a bike (there are also children’s models) and tour the region to enjoy its natural beauty up close. You can explore the lagoon more fully by renting a pedal boat or a water cycle. From the port, you can […]

Summer and Winter Holidays in Argostoli

In Kefalonia, the season lasts from April until November. The capital Argostoli is increasingly becoming a favorite destination for tourists from all over the world, as confirmed by the fact that this Mediterranean city has had a record number of visitors year after year. There are many reasons to visit Argostoli and spend time there! […]

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