The most untouched place of Kefalonia, Fteri Beach

Fteri, Amidi, Kamari are the blue lagoons of Kefalonia with their white pebbles, crystal clear sea, surrounded by limestone rocks. It is a hidden paradise, one of the most untouched places of Kefalonia. Due to their breathtaking beauty, these beaches belong to the Top 10 category of Kefalonia. At 16.5 km from Lixuri, there is the bay of Zola, from where small taxi-boats drive to the most beautiful beaches on the island: Fteri, Amidi, Kamari. Turquoise water, unique landscapes, all together create a magical environment that you should not miss. There are no amenities on the beaches, so you have to bring everything you want like food, water and umbrellas with you.

Fteri Beach Kefalonia
Kamari Beach Kefalonia
Amidi Beach Kefalonia
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