Kefalonia is the biggest of the Ionian islands. According to the legend, it was named after Kefalos, a character in Greek mythology. The mountain relief predominates over the island with its highest top Megalos Soros, 1625m, on Enos Mountain where the national park is located. In fertile valleys olives, vine and citrus fruit are grown. The best-known types of grapes are Robola, Votsilidi and Mavrodafne. The main activity is livestock breeding. You will often come across a flock of sheep or a tribe of goats along the way. The feta cheese which is made from the mixture of goat, sheep and cow milk is high quality as well as the honey made from the wild thyme. 

Throughout the year, and especially in summer, Kefalonia hosts many events – religious celebrations and holidays, art festivals, including wine and food festivals. Between August 6th and 17th, the Snake Festival is held in the village of Markopoulo in the Church of the Virgin Mary Lagouvarda. Legend has it that hundreds of years ago, the nuns who lived there were terrorized by pirates. With their prayers, they asked for protection from the Virgin Mary, and one day the pirates found hundreds of snakes instead of nuns. Otherwise, snakes have small crosses on their heads and there is a belief that they bring good luck. 

The most famous religious celebration is held on August 16 in the honor of Saint Gerasimos, the patron saint of the island, in the monastery of the same name in the Omala Valley. The Robola Wine Festival is usually held on the third weekend of August in Fragata. The festival is organized by the association of Robola producers in Kefalonia and gathers, each year, thousands of visitors.

Kefalonia is very well connected by ferry lines with the neighbouring Ionian islands including Zakynthos and Ithaca. This gives you the opportunity to organize a day trip and thus complete your vacation.


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