Gardens, and Recreation in Argostoli

The only one in the Ionian Islands, the Botanical Garden was created to collect, protect and promote flora that is indigenous to the region. The Botanical Garden of Cephalonia organizes special ecological educational programs, while also offering its visitors an environment of peace and a beautiful place for recreation. During the summer, there are exhibitions and musical events. The Napier Gardens are located just a few minutes from Vallianou Square. It was named after Charles James Napier, who served as the governor of Cephalonia under British rule, from 1822 to 1830, and was a strong supporter of the Greek people. Napier originally built the park for his children to play in. Cobbled paths surrounded by greenery are a perfect place to relax in the hot summer months. The garden also hosts a monument dedicated to the victims of the 1912-1922 war, designed by the Cephalonian artist G. Bonanos. If you like to run and cycle in nature, Argostoli is the right place for such activities. The beautifully landscaped bicycle path along the coast starts right in front of our hotel.

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