Myrtos Beach

Mytos beach is the jem of the island. Today the name of Cephalonia is closely related to the name of this beach. There is no person who has chosen this island as a holiday destination without seeing or swimming this beautiful beach. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and therefore has a blue flag. First of all, the visitor is fascinated even before arriving on the beach. the beautiful green path leading to it. The images she sees cannot be described in words: large rocks surround the bay to protect the beach from the wind, and white pebbles at the bottom of the sea and dark blue water cause even the bravest swimmers to explore them. to be careful as the water becomes deep suddenly.

Xi Beach

This is also a very famous beach located not far from Lixouri, the second largest city in Cephalonia. It is a long beach that amazes visitors with its red sand. The beach has a blue flag. Those who enjoy water sports can rent equipment, there are two bars on the beach as well as a restaurant.

Petani Beach

This beautiful beach with white pebbles and crystalline, turquoise sea is located in the western part of the Paliki Peninsula (western Cephalonia). On the way to the beach you will be delighted by the beautiful view. This beach is awarded a blue flag and your stay here is also well organized. you can find taverns, right by the sea or above the road (so you can enjoy the view while having lunch), a canteen, a cafeteria, deck chairs and parasols.

Platia Amos Beach

Immediately after the Kipouria Monastery, the Paliki Peninsula (western Corfu) is one of the most impressive beaches under your feet. The view is breathtaking! About 400 steps lead you to this natural beach. There are no tourist facilities and therefore you need to bring all the neccessary facilities with you.

Skala Beach

One of the most developed tourist areas in Cephalonia is Skala, where the beach of the same name is located.

The beach at Skala is almost 2 km long. The gravel and sand are replaced. The beach is well maintained and there are various water sports available. The sea is clean and warm.

There are many restaurants, hotels and shops along the coast. Be sure to visit the remains of a Roman house from the third century AD.

Ames Beach

Ames is a small sandy beach near the airport and is about 9km from Argostoli. Fine sand, clear and calm sea are a magnet for locals and tourists alike. There are many restaurants, tavernas, studios and apartments nearby. A wonderful experience for those staying on Ammes are the landing and landing planes, safely flying just a few meters above them.,and for those looking for a place to stay. The beach is well organized as there are deck chairs, umbrellas, restaurants and showers.