All protection measures against SARS-COV-2 are applied in our facility, in accordance with the regulations of the Greek Government.

  1. All personnel wear protective equipment (surgical mask and visor, surgical cap, gloves, disposable work clothes).
  2. The apartments are cleaned with products containing chlorine and alcohol in a minimum concentration of 70%.
  3. Mattresses are washed and disinfected, there is a possibility of additional disinfection before the arrival of clients. Each apartment has a certificate.
  4. Kitchen utensils and the refrigerator are also disinfected.
  5. Towels and bed linen are delivered packed in bags. The pillows are changed, washed and disinfected after each client.
  6. Each apartment has its own washing machine, which is also disinfected before the arrival of clients.
  7. There are hand disinfection units in the hallways.
  8. We especially emphasize that the owners of the facility are health educated and have undergone training that was organized for hoteliers.

Our wish is for you to relax and rest in these difficult and uncertain times, knowing that we have done everything to protect both you and us.

For all additional information, we are at your disposal.