Usje Psac Collective Agreement

After the delegation of the PSAC centre, an element assumes responsibility for the collective agreements signed by psac concerning workers in the division/agency/separate employers under the jurisdiction of the component. When THE PSAC negotiates collective agreements with „separate employers,“ these contracts are also taken into account. Most of our members are covered by negotiated agreements between the Treasury Board and our negotiating partner, the Public Service Alliance of Canada. PSAC combines similar classification groups. The following lists indicate which classifications belong to a particular group. Please note that the Board of Directors moves away from the „Table“ nomenclature and identifies employees as members of the group. Collective agreements will not be updated until they formally enter into force, after both parties have „signed“ the document in question. What is unionization? Unions are legal entities whose mission and responsibility is to negotiate collective agreements on behalf of their members and to represent their members in the event of a breach of the collective agreement. Psac/USJE assists its members not only by submitting complaints, but also by consulting employment services at the local, regional and national levels. Non-tariff issues can be addressed and resolved. Unions, including PSAC/USJE, are democratic organizations in which paying members elect their representatives at the local, regional and national level. The PSAC and USJE will hold three-year conventions where union leadership will be determined by the debate on resolutions submitted for membership and elections for leadership positions.

PSAC/USJE Local residents take care of the day-to-day needs of members who have problems in the workplace. Local management is chosen according to the laws to come into force. What are excluded positions? A group of unionized workers is part of a bargaining unit defined by the community of interest and the nature of the work. For the federal public service, collective agreement units are set by the Federal Office of Labour and Employment. There may be civilian members who are equated with higher classification levels, who are outside the established bargaining unit, in which others enter; these members are excluded because of the nature of the work (management functions, access to sensitive information, etc.). These positions are excluded from collective bargaining.

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